Did you know that medical researches carried out in private laboratories in Cuba have resulted in interesting solutions regarding several diseases?
Those private laboratories operate freely, without any influence from the pharmaceutical companies; therefore they do not depend on commercial financial support. They can freely do any sort of researches with proven and effective results, and can also apply medicines or treatments resulting from their researches without the burden of financial impacts.

It is by this doctrine that the Cuban doctors can offer unique treatments in the world.

Plastic Surgery

1. Plastic and aesthetic surgeries for everyone’s budget.
Combination of 2 or 3 surgeries now available, inquire now.

2. Body sculpture is the most requested surgery in 2014-2015.
Available also gluteus implants.

3. Dental treatment and implants.
Available now...
Combine your dental treatment with a vacation in a sunny destination.

4. Gastric Placation (bariatric surgery) a way to change for a new life style.

The benefits of gastric placation:

  1. No cuts, no staples in the stomach, nor parts of the stomach are removed
  2. The risks are minimal during surgery and in the long term
  3. Fast recovery
  4. Fully reversible
  5. Reduces hunger and restricts food intake
  6. Less costly

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Here are few of the treatments available:

Aesthetic surgeries
Medical check-up and diagnosis
Retinitis pigmentosa
Advanced lung cancer
Detoxification (English and Spanish only)
Orthopedic surgeries
Clinical surgery programs
Neurological rehabilitation
Dental care (We must check the service offer before making an appointment)
Stay in a seaside spa

All the pre-operative tests and other required tests according to your medical condition will be done directly at the medical establishment booked for the surgery, with the possibility that the operation takes place the next day in most cases.

Attentive nurses will welcome you and will follow you during your stay in the various medical institutions of international fame for their expertise and specific treatments.

You will find available and attentive doctors who practice in very healthy conditions. Your surgeon will be by your bedside when you wake up from surgery, and will visit you regularly during your stay.

Conveniences : 

    • Spacious private room
    • Extra bed for the person that accompanies you ($40 CUC/day)
    • Complete modern bathroom
    • TV with international channels
    • Public room with free internet access
    • Telephone available
    • 3 excellent meals/day
    • Cafeteria
    • Pharmacy


The private non-subsidized Cuban laboratories are well renowned for their research and the application of effective and exclusive solutions in the treatments of several medical conditions:

This exclusive alternative cure consists of applying a lotion made from human placenta specifically for the treatment of Vitiligo. Again, it is produced and used only in Cuba. With the use of by-products of the human placenta, 84 % of the patients affected with Vitiligo and 78 % of those affected with Psoriasis, were able to eliminate completely these conditions.

This treatment consists of applying a special gel to prevent episodes of Psoriasis. This gel is also made from human placenta and is also exclusively produced and used in Cuba.

Another exclusive and proven treatment – the anti-alopecia lotion combined to other techniques to stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss has shown some remarkable results.



The vaccine against lung cancer, Cimvax EFG, has proven, even in advanced stages of the disease, that it can improve the quality of life of the patient affected with lung cancer. This treatment consists of several injections over a period of one year or more. The patient must book many stays in Cuba for this treatment.

For more information on this new discovery, click on the links below :

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Available only in English and Spanish

Recognized all over the world for its tangible results, the Cuban medicine offers treatments and therapies that tourists are seeking for. Among these we can find the program for the treatment of addictions. Its approach " therapeutic community " (brotherhood) which exists for 15 years now, bases itself not only on the Cuban school of psychiatry and psychology but on the influence of the North-American, Italian, Spanish, Argentine, and Colombian schools.

The 4 steps of this treatment towards rehabilitation within the society are:

    • Individual and group psychotherapy - acupuncture, relaxation and physical activities are also part of this step to develop new values and improve the lifestyle of the patient.
    • Educational and professional alternatives by taking into account the affected capacities by the prolonged use of toxins.
    • The practice of self-control is one of the main elements for the patient to take responsibilities and to allow the body to work on enhancing its basic functions.
    • Health and tourism to motivate (museums, theaters, cinema, parks, beaches, walk paths) according to the patient´simprovement and self-control acquired during the treatment.