These programs based on researches in genetics, microbiology, pathological anatomy and molecular biology include all the areas of medical specializations:

  • Check-up and diagnosis
  • Complex traumatological surgeries
  • Emergency
  • Treatment of degenerative diseases
  • Treatment of non-contagious malignant and chronic diseases
  • Organs and tissue transplants
  • Vascular and nervous microsurgeries
  • And many more…


This program is recognized all over the world, and is based on proven results in the recovery of neuro-restorers on patients suffering from diseases such as Parkinson, encephalo-cranial traumas, traumatic conditions of the spinal cord, Alzheimer, tumors, paralyses and other affections of the nervous system.

The Esteroflex system, a computerized medical imaging at very high level of exactness, is used during surgical procedures, allowing the follow-up during the whole intervention on all levels of the encephalon.

Furthermore, the Program of General Biological Restoration- REBIOGER, protects the cells against the free radicals, and allows to prevent premature ageing and to restore the lost capacities of the patient.

The program is complemented with treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, as well as with the development of the physical medicine and the rehabilitation, with the Hospital Julio Díaz as the main institution. The patient is exclusively supervised by a medical and a paramedical team during more than eight hours a day.