Our services consist of assisting you in the planning and the organization of your stay abroad.
To fulfill such a mandate Cuba Médika inc. offers the following: 

  • We can recommend some professional medical translation services
  • Assistance in the preparation of all the documents required for your departure and stay in Cuba including your hospital registration;
  • Assistance in the preparation of a budget for medical costs, hospitalization, and costs related to a vacation connected with your stay
  • Intermediary between doctors and patients to answer all your questions throughout the whole process
  • Assistance with your hotel and flight reservations
  • Assistance in obtaining the best flight rates, including the possibility of modifying your returning date
  • Transportation in certain cases between the medical establishment and the airport;
  • Assistance in extending your stay in Cuba with a vacation (subject however to the availability of the airline and the hotel). These expenses will be completely paid by you. We possess a strong knowledge in Cuban tourism thanks to the expertise of our Vice-President Mr. Isael Carbonell Cruz, having in his asset more than ten years of experience in the travelling and hotel business
  • We can advise you on the best places for your stay, before and after the surgery
  • Assistance for translation and escort services the day of your medical care

    Cuba Medika's Services are available in the following cities in alphabetical order across Canada.
    Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg.
    (Applicable service fees)