Question : When I return home, can I see my specialist?

Answer: Certainly. You will still be covered by your provincial medical system.

Question : If there are any complications after my return, what should I do?

Answer: If your problem is major, it will not be treated in priority. The Cuban doctors are very conscientious to prevent any complications.

Question : Is the operation guaranteed ?

Answer: Cuban doctors are well renowned for their medical care. They give more time to their patients, and the stay in private clinic is much longer. No operation is totally guaranteed anywhere in the world. You will have the most rigorous follow-up during your stay in Cuba.
It is very important to follow literally the instructions of the Cuban doctors.

Question: Will the government reimburse me?

Answer: You can present your claim to the government. In certain cases, if the waiting period for your operation in Canada is far too long, you may be eligible to a reimbursement (CLAOULLI).