A dream come true!


Do the costs for plastic surgeries prevent you from realizing your dream?

Think again! You can finally realize your dream at affordable prices, and by the best aesthetic surgeons, for 25 % to 75 % less than it cost in Canada.

Cuba is a very interesting alternative to realize your dream, and you can also combine your stay in a hospital environment with a vacation on this beautiful Caribbean island.

The prices in US Dollars, include all the care, the pre-operative tests, the operation, as well as the accommodation and the meals at the hospital or clinic. These prices do not include the plane ticket and the hotel accommodation if necessary.

  • Affordable to everyone
  • The best aesthetic surgeons
  • Possibility of convalescence in a sea resort! What else can you wish for!

Here is a list of the Plastic Surgeries offered:  ( approximate prices in US dollars )



room (nights)



1 Mastopexy
(reshape breast)
3 GA 2,798.00
2 Mamaplasty
(Breast augmentation, prothesis cost included)
2 GA 3,800.00
3 Abdominoplasty
(Skin stretching and removing fat excess from the abdomen)
5 GA 2,498.00
4 Dermohpectmy of arms
(Skin stretching and removing fat from arms)
3 GA 1,808.00
5 Dermolipectomy of thighs
(Skin stretching and removing fat from thighs)
5 RA 1,998.00
6 Lipoaspiration of neck and double chin
(Fat suction from neck)
7 Lipoaspiration of arms
(Fat suction of arms)
8 Lipoaspiration of abdomen
(Fat suction of abdomen)
1 A 2,498.00
9 Lipoaspiration of hips
(Fat suction of hips)
1 RA
10 Lipoaspiration of thighs
(Fat suction of thighs)
2 RA 1,090.00
11 LipoaspiLipoaspiration of gluteus
Lipoaspiration of gluteus
2 RA 1,110.00
12 Lipoaspiratoin of knees
(Fat suction from knees)
1 LA
13 Lumbar lipoaspiration
(Fat suction from the lower part of the back)
14 Microlipoaspiration of hips
(Minimal fat suction from hips)
15 Microlipoaspiration of gluteus
(Minimal fat suction from buttock)
16 Microabdominoplasty
(Minimal skin stretching and minimal fat removing from abdomen)
17 Punch grafts hair transplants
(Own hair transplant for baldness)
1 LA
18 Blepharoplasty
(Removal of sagging skin and fat excess from the eyelids)
1 LA 1,363.00
19 Frontoglabe Ilar Rhitidectomy
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the forehead and frown)
20 Frontal Rhitidectomy
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the forehead)
21 Facial frontoglabe Rhitidectomy
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the forehead)
22 Cervicofacial Rhitidectomy / eyelids excluded
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the face, neck but not eyelids)
23 Cervicofacial Rhitidectomy /eyelids included
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the face, neck and eyelids)
24 Neck Rhitidectomy
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the neck)
25 Inferior Microrhitidectomy
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the third inferior face area)
2 GA
26 Inferior Microrhitidectomy with Blepharoplasty
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the third inferior area and eyelid treatment)
3 GA
27 Rhinoplasty
(Reshape nose by reducing or increasing size)
5 GA 1,710.00
28 Otoplasty
(Reshape ears, or reduce the size of large ears)
LA 810.00
29 Profiloplasty / prosthesis cost excluded
(Reshape nose and chin)
5 GA 2,170.00
30 Augmentation Nlentoplasty / Prothesis cost excluded
(Augmentation of the chin size through prosthesis)
31 Nose tip
(Reshape nos tip)
32 Mechanical Facial Dermabrasion
(Softens sharp edges of sunface irregularities of the face, acne, scars, fine wrinkles)
3 GA
33 Chemofacial Dermabrasion
(Softens sharp edges of surface irregularities with chemical substances)
2 LA
34 Mechanical Peribuccal Dermabrasion
(Treatment of surface irregularities, wrinkles, of the lips)
3 LA
35 Chemical Peribuccal Dermarasion
(Treatment of surface irregularities, wrinkles of the lips with chemical substances)
2 LA
36 Cervicofacial Rhitidectomy and Reductive Mastoplasty
(Stretching of skin wrinkles of the face and neck and reduction of breast size)
5 GA 3,498.00
37 Reduction Mastoplasty
(Reduction of breast size)
4 GA 2,498.00

Legend : GA = General Anesthesia  LA = Local Anesthesia  RA = Regional Anesthesia

Each patient will receive an individual program, cost of surgery and number of days required to stay in clinic based on the evaluation of their health (medical background) photos and surgery required.
Prices are subject to change without notice. 

For information on a specific surgery or several combined surgeries, the duration of hospitalization, the kind of anesthesia, the cost, the pre-operative stages and post-operative advice, please contact us.